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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Martha!

Perez Hilton is on stage talking with Martha-he refers to himself as the Michael Phelps of blogging. His entertainment blog is one of the most popular blogs out there and is said to be able to make or break careers. He blogs 50 or 60 times a day! Yikes I have a hard enough time getting out a few posts a week! He was very coy about how much money he makes blogging which makes me think it's lots!

Next up Matt Bites. Matt is making cookies with Martha...he's so calm, if I were baking cookies with Martha I'm pretty sure I'd be so nervous that I'd get my spatula caught in the beaters. They are making alfajores...a buttery cookie with a dulce de leche filling..mmm.

On to crafting next with Eddie Ross. Eddie is a senior style editor at Martha Stewart Living and is currently a contestant on the reality show Top Design. He shared with Martha some cool flea market finds. He showed Martha how he makes magnets out of vintage earrings and wrapping paper out of vintage cards.


That Girl said...

Martha's no dummy, that's for sure. What a great idea to reach a wider audience.

Esi said...

What a fun day! That Perez is crazy. I always see him around LA.